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At EliteSportz Specialist we have coached athletes to Elite ITU World Triathlon Championship Teams, World Championship Medals, Hawaii Ironman Qualification, Hawaii Ironman medal Top 3 and countless other fantastic results. Training with EliteSportz will put you on your own path to success.  We believe strongly in the implications of safe exercise practices and techniques, sound nutritional choices, and training the mind as much as the body.

At EliteSportz we Consider YOU as an individual person. We will provide YOU with a custom program to target YOUR goals. Whether you are training to one day turn Pro or if you are just getting started and want to complete your first triathlon we can provide you with a training program leading up to your race, nutritional advice, continuous support, encouragement and assistance throughout your training.

To take the first step towards online coaching please follow the instructions below…

Step 1: In an email to andrew@elitesportz.com.au outline your goals and details of the race you will be competing in.