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What was your sporting pathway to becoming an endurance multi-sport athlete?

Until now, very few athletes that now train and compete in endurance multi-sport, started out their sporting career and/or life with the goal of becoming a multi-sport athlete. I am basing this statement on in excess of 40 years of observation and full-time coaching at various levels of many sports. Mostly, I feel this is […]... [READ MORE HERE]

Is ‘Doctor Google’ gradually being replaced by ‘Doctor Podcast’?

To make my point, I go way back in time, prior to the internet and the ease of searching for ‘relevant’ information that the internet presents to all of us to when I commenced my craving to become a sports coach with my long term focus on high performance. No-one to help or mentor me, […]... [READ MORE HERE]

Coaches….they have a hand in everything, but control nothing!

Disclaimer: This chapter is written purely from a ‘high performance’ athlete/coach viewpoint. There is only 2 kinds of coaches! 1. Those that have been sacked. OR. 2. Those that will be sacked. Whether you work for a club or you work for one or a number of individual athletes there will come a time that […]... [READ MORE HERE]

The elite have total belief in themselves. The average want others to believe in them!

One of the things that I have experienced over a long time now, is that by the time that an athlete has progressed to being an elite athlete and have established their career, I have found them a dream to coach. The elite athlete undeniable self-belief merely needs to be nurtured and supported and providing, […]... [READ MORE HERE]

Commitment: ‘Either you do or you don’t, there is no in between’

Prompted to think more deeply about this question by recent experiences, I am now more puzzled than ever about commitment and what it really is! So what is it? I don’t believe that commitment can be only applied to just one aspect of one’s life such as sport because, in my experience, sport mirrors the […]... [READ MORE HERE]

Your Sporting Career, it’s OVER before you know it !

The best days in your sport will come and go more quickly than you expect and when it does end, you will realise that it only took up such a small percentage of your entire life, so I urge you to make the most of your most productive and competitive days while you can, when […]... [READ MORE HERE]

Dont Fear Mistakes

Don’t Fear Mistakes (Aberration, Blunder, Faux Pas, Bungle, Misconception, Delusion) call it what you like but if you did any of these means the same thing…..YOU have stuffed up! I would always rather coach someone who makes mistakes along the way because that is a good sign that they challenge themselves and making mistakes gives […]... [READ MORE HERE]

How to make your season in your off season

As the racing season for many age group athletes nears an end and temperatures dip it is hard to maintain motivation to keep a consistent training regime. With no races in sight and the warmth of bed seeming so much more appealing then diving head first into a pool at 5am many triathletes fall off […]... [READ MORE HERE]

Fuelling the athlete body 

Fresh is best. Prepare your own food. Control your own intake. In a previous article I wrote that, as a full time coach, it has proved to be far easier to have committed athletes swim, ride or run in really rough conditions. Hot, cold, wet, windy, early, late….They will get it done and most of […]... [READ MORE HERE]

Tapering for success

On social media these days I see so much information about the ‘perfect’ way to taper for an event. Simultaneously, I see just as many athletes’ post-race reports that mention ‘I got my taper wrong in the lead-up and had I got that right I would have had raced to my true potential with a […]... [READ MORE HERE]

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