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About Us

Since 1978, Head Coach Andrew Ivey has striven to become one of Perth’s top sporting coaches. Andrew has been a full-time Coach for the past 28 years and continues to do everything in his power to increase his knowledge and experience.

Still the core of success, Andrew has shaped EliteSportz into the company it is today with help from many dedicated individuals. The EliteSportz Specialist we know today was coined in 2007.

The EliteSportz clientele has ranged from mums and dads looking for increased fitness to Olympic athletes striving for greatness, with everything in between stepping through our doors at some point in time. This wide and varied base set Andrew and EliteSportz up with the necessary experience to take on any client and help them reach their personal goals.

Have the best coaching available – Experience the difference!


How do we do this?

• At EliteSportz our mission is to coach and to assist the lives of committed individuals who desire athletic and personal development, by creating personalised training programs to help produce increased performance and health.

• Andrew will provide expert and professional coaching, training and advice in both individual and team environments to assist advancement and motivation.

• Never losing focus on individual clients’ specific requirements, goals and expectations. At Elite Sportz you will never receive an ‘off the shelf’ training program. We sit down each and every week and write your next week of training. It is this approach that has delivered exceptional results over many years, and it is because of the success of this technique that Elitesportz will never change it’s coaching philosophy.

• We endeavour to stay abreast of the latest coaching methods and techniques including what other successful athletes are currently doing.  Our strong knowledge of physiology and sports psychology allows the Elitesportz team to know how and when to get the best results out of you, no matter what the end goal might be.

• We supply full diet and nutrition support, taking any issues and lifestyles into account to ensure you fuel your body effectively and efficiently.


High performance sports coaching is the primary focus of Elitesportz and of late, triathlon is a major inspiration and interest to Andrew Ivey.

Our Mission

• To provide a detailed and supportive coaching experience of the highest quality, to get the best results possible for each and every one of our individual clients.

Our Philosophy 

• Provide an unparalleled ‘health and fitness education’ process for clientele.

• Assist clients in reaching their health / fitness and sporting goals.

• Use tried, tested and proven superior training techniques and methods.

• Improve the quality and longevity of life.

•Deliver superior coaching services to clientele.

“Our training programs are scientifically designed to improve each person’s speed, agility, strength, power and performance while at the same time minimising the risk of injury”.

We specialise in sport-specific strength training programs and can devise a program to suit your  goals.

Elitesportz Specialist has a strong base in sports and injury rehabilitation, and enjoy any opportunity to help people, even when others have said no due to liability issues or inability to coach correctly.

“Coaching people is as much about being a teacher and a mentor as it is a coach.”

Elitesportz possesses a passion to help others which, combined with my years of experience, has resulted in countless successful athletes across various sports.

Our Qualifications

      • Retul University Certified Bike Fitter

• Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Coach

• Level 1 Triathlon Coach

• Level 2 Cycling Coach

• Level 2 Track and Field Coach

  • Level 1 Cricket Coach

• SMA Level 1 Sports Trainer

• SMA Level 2 Sports Trainer


Head Coach – Andrew Ivey

Andrew Ivey built EliteSportz Specialist from the ground up, and has attained a keen eye and straight forward approach over the years. It is this approach to coaching by Andrew that has led to the ongoing success of the EliteSportz Specialist squad, and the constant growth of each and every one of our clients.