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Telstra Tri Sprint Series – Race 5 Hillarys

Some great results for the Elitesportz Squad over the weekend with 2nd place for Katey Gibb and 4th place for Alise Farrelly in the Female Open. We also had a great showing in the Female 25-29 Age Group with Kate Shryock, Emily Banyard and Corrie Fillmore taking out 1st, 3rd and 4th respectively.


Female Open

Katey Gibb 2nd – 01:02:26.7 (S:00:08:13.60, B:00:33:27.30, R:00:18:17.10)

Alise Farrelly 4th – 01:06:55.7 (S:00:07:53.90, B:00:35:47.20, R: 00:20:38.10)


Female 20-24 Age Group

Georgina Fraser 14th – 01:31:05.5 (S:00:12:25.80, B:00:45:39.80, R:00:26:37.20)


Female 25-29 Age Group

Kate Shryock 1st – 01:10:30.80 (S:00:07:50.90, B:00:37:18.80, R:00:22:12.10)

Emily Banyard 3rd – 01:12:48.20 (S:00:09:54.30, B:00:36:45.90, R:00:22:16.70)

Corrie Fillmore 4th – 01:13:44.80 (S:00:10:11.30, B:00:36:40.00, R:00:23:14.10)


Female 35-39 Age Group

Melinda Aisbett 5th – 01:16:09.50 (S:00:11:02.90, B:00:38:33.50, R:00:22:44.00)


Female 40-44 Age Group

Rachel Morton 3rd – 01:16:49.90 (S:00:09:49.90, B:00:40:31.70, R:00:22:30.20)


Male 25-29 Age Group

Shane Johnstone 6th – 01:07:17.60 (S:00:08:24.10, B:00:36:12.40, R:00:19:59.60)


Male 35-39 Age Group

Miles Upfold 7th – 01:09:54.40 (S:00:09:35.20, B:00:36:32.30, R:00:20:24.60)


Male 50-54 Age Group

Grant Jamieson 10th – 01:15:16.10 (S:00:10:19.80, B:00:37:29.80, R:00:23:45.90)


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