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Sunsmart Albany Classic 2015

A small group of the Elitesportz Squad made the trip down to Albany and made a huge impact! 1st and 2nd for Katey and Alise in the Female Open. 1st place for Claire in the 25 – 29 Age Group and 1st place for Lauren in the 30 – 34 Age Group.

The Girls

Female Open

Katey Gibb 1st – 02:04:20.0 (S:00:21:49.0, B:01:05:37.0, R:00:35:24.0)

Alise Farrelly 2nd – 02:15:36.0 (S:00:22:00.0, B:01:11:27.0, R:00:40:24.0)


Female 25 – 29 Age Group

Claire Badenhorst 1st – 02:17:00.0 (S:00:22:50.0, B:01:09:56.0, R:00:42:05.0)


Female 30 – 34 Age Group

Lauren McGregor 1st – 02:18:59.0 (S:00:22:51.0, B:01:10:28.0, R:00:43:23.0)

Emily Randall 5th – 02:31:24.0 (S:00:22:52.0, B:01:17:03.0, R:00:49:10.0)



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