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RETUL 3D Bike Fittings

If you have not heard yet or have been living underneath a rock, Elitesportz Specialist is now running it’s own Retül bike fitting studio.

We all want to go faster and harder on our bikes, but is spending the big bucks on aero helmets, shoe covers and 667g frames, really going to help you get the most out of your body?
The truth is it isn’t, your body will still do the same things it was whether you have all this equipment or not.

If you are not set up on a bike in the most efficient position, you’re going to lose power, be uncomfortable and you will develop all sorts of aches and pains. This is where the Retül Bike fit comes in. Retül is currently the only bike fitting system to offer the 3D motion capture analysis. This is important because our bodies do not move in two dimensions. This system is able to pick up things the cyclist or an outside eye won’t notice and thus allows even the smallest tweaks to be made in order to change the riders set up, which can drastically improve comfort and performance.

We could not be happier to be apart of introducing the ever growing cycling demographic of Perth to this specialised and precise system of bike fitting.

If you do not know much about Retül, the basics are that we use motion capture technology to track your body in all 3 dimensions while in motion on your bike. this provides accurate measurements which your fitter deciphers in order to find the ‘sweet spot’ for optimal bio-mechanics. A Retül bike fit can either fit your existing bike to you or it can provide you with the best range of measurements to then go out and buy the right bike.

Please don’t hesitate to visit the website to learn more or investigate the prices.

for all bookings email Brooke and she will find a time that suits you.


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