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Personal Integrity

Personal integrity as a person and as an athlete will ultimately determine your sporting results.

As a coach I hold and adhere to my principles, my ethics and if I believe something to be the right thing to be said or done, then I will not compromise that position.

I am firmly of the belief that the ongoing outcomes that all of us achieve in our lives, be they as an athlete or in life in general will ultimately be directly influenced by the strength and scope of our individual integrity.

Integrity illustrates strength of character and a complete and unwavering commitment to ‘dig our heels in’ and adhere to your personal principles without ever compromising that position that you believe to be right.

The gap between what we say and what we do is a great way to realise that strength of integrity.

This gap between what you say and what you do can be decided in many ways.

 •Many say they train hard, but when others or their coach is not looking have a tendency to back off on the intensity.

•Many say they want to lose weight and body fat, but still overindulge in counterproductive eating habits.

•By not training or playing to your full potential is a common display of a lack of personal integrity.

• By ‘giving in ‘and not displaying your own talent in any training session or event regardless of the differing levels of competition is another display of lacking in integrity.

When you turn up to perform in your chosen event, do so without backing down out of nerves, fear or being intimidated which ultimately is giving perceived ‘permission’ to have you feeling unworthy or even inferior.


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