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Good Coaching demands results!

Over the past 3 years Elite Sportz Specialist has shifted its focus towards the sport of triathlon over most other sports.

The experiences Andrew Ivey has gained through his many years as a coach within many differing sporting disciplines has seen him develop his own coaching methodology that is achieving extremely consistent results across almost all athletes in our ever growing triathlon squad. Not only is his coaching style achieving results from all athletes, but it has also proven to achieve results in all triathlon demands and environments.

Andrew firmly believes that his attention to detail and keen eye when watching people’s technique and form has been an immeasurable advantage to his coaching. However he has also noticed that the use of Training Peaks for program delivery, and assessment of logged post training data has increased the quality of the results achieved.

As an example: in the past week we have had 13 athletes compete in two Ironman 70.3 events in Mandurah and Port Macquarie of which 9 out of the 13 athletes  achieved personal best times.

A snapshot of the results achieved by just one age group of our athletes in the past 12months (the women’s 25-29 age group) is below;






Dec 2011  Caitlin Bridgland Ironman WA 9:57:25 1st
Lauren Jones Ironman WA 10:08:00 3rd
Mar 2012  Caitlin Bridgland Singapore 70.3 5:02:59 2nd
Lauren Jones Ironman Melbourne 10:05:57 1st



Anna-Lee Hazell Busselton 70.3 4:44:13 1st
Kira Flanagan Busselton 70.3 4:48:58 2nd
Lauren Jones Busselton 70.3 4:51:48 4th
Anna-Lee Hazell WA   Triathlete of the year

Jun 2012 Caitlin Bridgland Cairns 70.3 4:50:27 1st
Aug 2012 Caitlin Bridgland ITU  Long Course   World Champs- Spain 7:09:47 2nd
Sep 2012 Lauren Jones Metaman Half Distance 5:09:16 1st
Oct 2012 



Kira Flanagan Mandurah 70.3 4:32:02 1st
Renee Baker ITU Sprint World Champs- N.Z 1:13:08 4th
Tracy Douglas Port Macquarie 70.3 5:02:51 1st


Below, Andrew has listed five of the most important factors he believes contributes to the consistency of these prior mentioned results:

  1. Consistent training session set-up based on post training session data.
  2. Having an understanding of the individual requirements of each athlete based purely on their individual physiology.
  3. Attention to detail in every aspect of the coaching process.
  4. Prescribing and scrutinising athlete dietary requirements.
  5. Creating a supportive training environment be it face to face/ online/ or group coaching



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