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First Ever MANDURAH 70.3

Over the weekend just been (21/10/2012), a new Ironman event was run in Mandurah, located in Western Australia’s south west.

The course was a much needed opportunity for more Western Australian’s to compete in an ironman event and also a great chance to promote the sport throughout W.A and Perth.

Looking back the times were quite fast for any athletes indicating a fast course, and of course with fast courses comes intense competition.
This competition was best witnessed on the run leg, when the spectators saw many athletes head to head with their rivals for great distances.

Elitesportz Specialist had a great representation on the day with over 10 of the athletes we coach taking part.
We can say that after reviewing results from the day we are pleased and excited for what we hope to know witness in the near and distant future. Many of our athletes did better than expected, with most gaining a PB.
The Athletes that did not do as well as they had liked certainly didn’t dissapoint either. Unfortunately in life many things stand in the way and likewise with sport and competition. For these athletes the process of review and alterations is well under way and we are keen to rediscover their potential during their next opportunity.

The results from the Elitesportz team are as below;

Results from Mandurah Ironman 70.3

________________Swim              Bike               Run                   Total         Personal Best

Glenn Martinovich:    27:09           2:24:49,       1:32:58              4:27:35

Shannon Tunstead:   31:33            2:29:05        1:40:54              4:44:10         31min

Mark Watters:             31:13             2:29:13         1:40:58             4:44:41          16min

Karl Winrow:               28:38           2:28:31         2:30:35             5:30:17          1st 70.3 event

Amy Van Dijk:             30:56           2:42:30         1:44:49             5:02:48          17min

Kira Flanagan:            23:57            2:29:52         1:35:23              4:32:02         14min

Kirstie Smith:              31:09           2:46:22         2:11:08              5:32:54          18min

Lisa Delaurentis:       23:41            2:23:13          1:51:33              4:41:39           7min

Alana Holben:             29:22           2:40:44         2:08:14             5:20:51

Donna Todesco:         32:22           2:37:03         2:22:50              5:39:12           24min


Congratulations to all competitors, and we like many others will be waiting for the Mandurah 70.3 in 2013!


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