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Busselton 70.3, Almost Here!


In the last few weeks leading up to the Busselton Ironman 70.3, Elitesportz Specialist has been getting onto all our competing athletes about the finer details.

Head Coach Andrew Ivey feels the stress as he makes sure every athlete has their bike up to par, has kit they are used to and fits well, and keeps all their heads in the right spaces. Basics but things that just cant be over looked.

The race prep has certainly got to be just as important as the training up to the event. You could be fit and strong enough to win but if your bike stuffs up or you spych yourself out it is all over!

Keeping with his usual direct coaching style to the end, Andrew Ivey has instructed all of the Elitesportz Specialist team to not be an idiot in the first half of the race, and in the second… well, dont even think you can get away with being a sook for one second!
All Ironman events are a test of your mental ability just as much as your physical ability.

To all our athletes, you have done great up to now so lets back up all that effort and race great this weekend.

Good Luck!


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