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A Constant Frustration of Mine. A Fat Society

Just as the lawmakers worldwide are failing to curb lawlessness in all aspects of society which shows that the current methods being used to get on top of the lawbreakers is simply not working as there is more crimes committed each and every day now than ever before, so too, are we losing the battle of society becoming more and more fat and less fit every day.

It seems not a lot is being learned from this as there are more diet and how to eat books today than ever before, yet we are the fattest we have ever been!

One major issue I have with this approach, (other than the obvious in that it is quite simply, not working), is that the assumption is being made that the people they are directing their book towards is already fat.

 We are not born fat!

What about the new children of today that in 15 years or so will join those people and themselves be too fat for good health? Are they fat now? NO! What is it, then that happens between when they are born, not fat and when they can make the choice to eat too much and do too little?

The books that need to be written and adhered to for the entirety of our lives is the book with information on how not to get fat in the first place, not how to lose fat now!

It has almost got to the stage that we need to put all resources into educating new parents on how to show their new born and yet to born children how to structure their eating and exercise regime into something that is totally sustainable for the entirety of their lives.

I feel too much time, energy and money is expended on the already lost causes in our society that make a choice to consume the incorrect food 4-5 times per day for their entire adult lives.

IE: assuming that a person eats 5 times per day for at least 50 years that they make the choice and decision of what and when to eat they will choose to eat what they do so in excess of 91000 times. That is at least 91000 times you have made the incorrect choice by your body.

I am unsure that with the majority of these people that they actually really want to lose the excesses that they are adding to each day otherwise they would do something about it. Let’s face it 4-5 times per day they could actually say to themselves “no I won’t have that to eat, it is no good for me so I will eat some food instead” but they don’t.

 Yes this frustrates me and for all of the successes I have had over the years, many of these same people seem more comfortable eating the way that made them fat in the first place and return back to that when I stop scrutinising them.

It is selfishness and plain laziness that is the cause of most of these over fat and under fit problems I see every day and you all see every time you see other people because I would say now that less than 10%of our population fall into the category of being of ideal fat level and maintaining a fitness level that is acceceptable to sustain a long and healthy life.

You only get 1 body each life so you owe it to look after it; after all, you are the only one who can.

 The real reality is that almost everything we as a race need to nutritionally could be fitted on to 1 page in any of those books. Fact is if we put that 1 page into a book of 250 pages and repeated the same page 250 times. People may just about get it by the time they get to the end.


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