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Article 2: 24 Hours Of Pain In The Rain!

Johhny Waddell

The question of why would you race off road and be active for 24hrs always intrigues me. Preparing for the 24hrs of adrenalin solo World Champs in Canmore Canada was intense and I was feeling fit and strong until a week prior to flying overseas I collided with a car whilst training, breaking my thumb. Not letting this injury deter me and give up I just ‘kept on keeping on’.

Endurance racing is such a mind game, so leading up to my event I made many sacrifices in my normal living routine making sure I prioritised my training and keeping it separated from the rest of my duties. These sacrifices and the preparation that was organized by my Elite Sportz Specialist Andrew Ivey kept me focused and gave me confidence to continue.

Red Bull Energy had organized for me to arrive in Calgary a city 110km away from the race venue in Canmore. I was so nervous not knowing whether my injured thumb would withstand 24hrs of battering throughout the Canadian technical terrain. Arriving in Canmore, getting accustomed to my surroundings and hanging with my new friends from the Bicycle Cafe was calming my nerves and I was getting amped to endure pain in the weekend ahead. With typical Canadian mountainous terrain the course was filled with plenty of steep climbing, technical descents and not much room for rest.

Saturday July 26 12 noon let the pain begin…

My race plan was not to chase other competitors but just to race my own race and keep on knocking out the laps throughout the duration of the 24hrs. Though once I was 8hrs into it I was feeling like I had nothing, the sky’s had opened up, soaking the course and making continuing to ride throughout the night not fun to say the least. The rain made the course un ride-able in some sections and the tree roots were like riding on ice. The people that were supporting me and keeping my Santa Cruz Blur bikes running smooth couldn’t believe how determined I was and they could see how much pain I was in.

I was only able to finish Zin 15th place but with this result I was happy and satisfied because towards the end my body was so ruined that I just wanted to finish.

Canmore is a great place, great people and amazing scenery so to have this time I had after the event was a great time to relax and unwind. I do feel as though the pain was worth it because not much beats pushing yourself to limit to find out what you are physically capable of doing.

Thanks to all the people and companies that were right behind me and making this adventure happen.


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