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Yeppoon Triathlon Festival 21/06/2019

Long Course: 2/80/20 Travis Coleman: 3rd Open male 22 Read More

Challenge Gunsan-Saemangeum Half South Korea 30/06/2019

Courtney Gilfillan: 1st female professional 34:45, 2:25:28, 1:25:49. Total: 4:27:36 21 Read More

Ironman 70.3 Centrair Chita Peninsular Japan. 09/06/19

Courtney Gilfillan: 1st Female professional 26:58, 2:32:59, 1:25:39. Time: 4:30:53 20 Read More

Gold Coast 100 run festival 09/06/19

25km event Madi Roberts: 1st overall female. Time: 1:41:34 19 Read More

Runaway Noosa Marathon Festival. 25/05/19

31.6km event Madi Roberts: 1st overall female. 2:12:36 18 Read More

Straddie Salute 750/20/8.5 long sprint 18/05/19

Travis Coleman: 1st overall male Courtney Gilfillan: 1st overall female      17 Read More

Byron Bay Olympic distance triathlon 11/05/19

Courtney Gilfillan: 1st open woman Time: 2:02:15   (15) Read More

Gold Coast Running festival 28/04/19

Half Marathon: Madi Roberts: 1st 19-24 age group. (14) Read More

Moreton Bay Olympic Distance Triathlon 14/04/19

Lee Masters: 1st 25-29 Male age group (13) Read More

Kingscliff Olympic and Sprint distance 31/03/2019

Olympic Distance: Travis Coleman: 2nd Open Men Courtney Gilfillan: 1st Open Women Sprint Read More


Elitesportz Specialist knows that for any athlete to reach their peak, they need tailored training and support.

Training at EliteSportz will put you on your own path to success. We aim to start from the beginning with every athlete, finding your base, providing you with experienced knowledge and highlighting the areas you will benefit from greatly if focused on.
EliteSportz believes strongly in the implications of safe exercise practices and techniques, sound nutritional choices, and training the mind as much as the body.

Our combined skills allow us to cater for any exercise requirements including, but not limited to; endurance training, cardiovascular fitness, resistance training, rehabilitation, your body’s changing needs (weight loss and weight gain), and all nutritional requirements.

At Elitesportz we consider YOU as an individual person. We will provide YOU with a custom program to target YOUR goals, and just as importantly we will provide YOU with continuous support, encouragement and assistance.